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Basic Knowledge About Trimmer Line

Trimmer line, also called mowing line, mowing thread or grass cutting line, as the name suggests, is the line used for mowing the grass. Its diameter is generally between 1.0-5.00mm and its original material is nylon 6, nylon 66 or nylon 12.

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Processing Technology

The production process of trimmer line is basically similar to that of monofilament. The specific steps are: ①Melt the raw material in the extruder part; ② The melt material pass through the spinneret and is extruded out to form a melt stream; ③ the melt stream is cooled and solidified to form primary fibers; ④ the primary fibers are oiled and coiled.


The mowing line is like a transparent fishing line, the diameter of which is generally between 1.0-5.0mm. The shape can be round, square, pentagonal, hexagonal, heptagonal, spiral or zigzag, and the colors can be colorful as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue or purple. There are also various packaging methods for the lines include blister packs, , spool packs, card packs, and coil packs in China.

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Quality Level

The main assessment criteria for the quality grade of mowing lines are wear resistance and strength. Domestically, it is generally divided into three types: economic type, commercial type and special type. There are ordinary type, high-strength type and full high-strength type in foreign countries.

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Laizhou Kaihui Machinery Company Ltd is one of the few domestic manufacturers specializing in the production of trimmer line equipment. The mowing line machineries it produces is well-crafted and exported to many markets in Europe and Asia.

Covering an area of 15000 square meters, KHMC has advanced production facilities include lathe, miller, planer, 6kw laser cutting machine, 4m plate cutting machine, 4m bending machine, welding machine, etc. The advanced production facilities guarantee precision machining and high-quality product.


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