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The Role Of Organic Fibers In Concrete (II)

1.3 Improvement of impact resistance to concrete

Impact resistance refers to the ability to resist the damage caused by the impact of an object when it is impacted. After organic fibers are incorporated into concrete, the compressive strength and flexural strength of concrete are increased to varying degrees, so that the maximum impact force of concrete is increased instantaneously. In addition, because the fiber is incorporated into the concrete, the toughness of the concrete increases, which can better store the energy caused by the impact, so that the energy is released slowly, and the damage caused by the rapid release of energy is avoided. In addition, when subjected to external impact, the fibers in the concrete have a certain load transfer effect. Therefore, fiber concrete has stronger resistance to external impact than plain concrete.

1.4 Effect on freeze-thaw resistance and chemical attack resistance of concrete

Under freeze-thaw conditions, due to temperature changes, large temperature stress is generated inside the concrete, which cracks the concrete and grows and expands the original cracks. A small amount of organic fibers are mixed in the concrete, although the amount of incorporation is small, because the fiber strips are finer, and can be well evenly distributed in the concrete, the number of fibers per unit area is more, so that the fibers can play a good restraining role, resist the expansion pressure of freeze-thaw and chemical erosion, and when the initial crack occurs, it can prevent the further development of the crack. At the same time, the incorporation of fibers greatly improves the impermeability of concrete, which hinders the infiltration of chemicals and greatly improves the chemical erosion resistance of concrete.

1.5 Improvement of concrete toughness

Concrete is a brittle material that suddenly cracks when it reaches a certain degree of force. After incorporating organic fibers, due to the good elongation of fibers, they are distributed in a three-dimensional network in concrete, and the bonding strength with the concrete matrix is high, when subjected to external forces, the concrete will transfer part of the stress to the fiber, so that the fiber produces strain and weakens the damage of stress to the concrete. When the external force increases to a certain extent, the concrete begins to crack, at this time the fiber spans the surface of the crack, and the external force is consumed by generating further strain and deformation to prevent the development of the crack until the external force is large enough to be greater than the tensile strength of the fiber, and the fiber is pulled out or broken.

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Post time: Nov-07-2022