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The differences between PP strap and PET strap

Strap is also called packing belt, strapping belt and packing tape. Divided into PP strap (also known as polypropylene packing belt) and PET strap (also known as plastic steel packing belt), they are produced by using polypropylene and PET polyester as raw materials, respectively, and is suitable for packaging needs of different light and heavy objects.

PP strap is a light-weight environmentally friendly packing belt produced from polypropylene. It is used in automatic packing machines, semi-automatic packing machines, manual packing machines, etc. It is suitable for packing lighter objects, cartons or pallets weighing several kilograms to hundreds of kilograms.
Usage: used for carton packaging or other relatively light objects.
Features: good plasticity, bending resistance, strong breaking tension, light material, bright color, easy to use.

PET packing belt is a polyester packing belt made of PET as the main raw material and extruded unidirectionally. It has been widely used in wood, paper, steel, aluminum ingots, steel pipes, profiles, glass, building materials, ceramics, electrical appliances, metal products, tobacco, chemical fiber, cotton belts and other industries. Transparent in appearance, opaque after adding tackifier, smooth surface or with prismatic pattern.
Usage: It is used to replace steel belts for tying heavier objects from hundreds of kilograms to several tons).
(1) Strong tensile strength. It doesn’t only have the tensile strength of steel belt, but also have the ductility that can resist impact, which can ensure the safety of product transportation.
(2) The elongation is small. The elongation is only one-sixth of that of the polypropylene belt, and the tension force can be maintained for a long time.
(3) Strong temperature resistance. The melting point is 260 degrees, and it will not deform when used below 120 degrees.
(4) Safe. There is no risk of rust and pollution of the steel belt to contaminate the bundled objects. The color is bright and can be used for reference.
(5) Good economic benefits. The length of 1 ton of PET packing belt is equivalent to 6 tons of steel belt, and the unit price per meter is more than 40% lower than that of steel belt, which can reduce costs for users.

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Post time: Sep-13-2022