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The difference between hand-use strap and machine-use strap

1. Color
In general, machine straps are brighter in color than hand straps. Usually, customers can judge by color. The more transparent the color, the purer the raw materials used in the strapping belt, and the better the gloss of the strap. Customers can also distinguish whether it is hand or machine according to the softness and hardness of the strapping, and the machine strapping belt will be harder than the hand tape.

2. Paper tubes
Hand strapping belts can use paper tubes or no paper loops, but machine strapping belts must use paper tubes. Because the baler has a belt reel, you can only use the strapping tape by putting it on the tape reel, and without a paper tube, the strapping belt will fall apart and cannot be used. So, the presence of paper tubes is very necessary.

3. Inclination
In contrast, the requirement of inclination to manual strapping belts is not as high as to that of machine-use straps, and the inclination of machine strapping belts is smaller in a certain unit length. In general, the inclination of 1.2M strapping belts cannot exceed 15mm. And the inclination affects the efficiency of the machine when packing.

4. Packing volume
Manual packaging is slow and inefficient. While for machine packing, the speed is high and the packaging efficiency is high, then the working time of the worker will be shortened. In the same working time, the machine packaging will be fast, and the surplus value will be more.

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The difference between hand-use strap and machine-use strap

Post time: Dec-23-2022