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Some Basic Knowledge About Ceramic Heater

Ceramic heater is a kind of high-efficiency heat division uniform heater, excellent thermal conductivity of metal alloy, to ensure uniform hot surface temperature, eliminate hot spots and cold spots of the equipment.

There are two types of ceramic heaters, which are PTC ceramic heating element and MCH ceramic heating element. The materials used in these two products are completely different, but the finished product is similar to ceramics, so they are collectively referred to as “ceramic heating elements”.

The ceramic heater is made by casting alloy wire in a semiconductor made of quartz glass. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance (up to 1200 degrees), anti-corrosion, beautiful and wear-resistant. Widely used in aquarium heating, high temperature heating furnace, semiconductor engineering, glass, ceramics and wire engineering.

Ceramic electric heater has ring type and plate type. It has the character of reliable work, long life, strong and durable, energy saving, with convenient installation, high temperature resistance, fast heat transfer and good insulation. Its production is not limited by model and specification size. According to the wiring mode of user needs, the voltage can be 36V, 110V, 180V, 220V, 380V. The highest power load is 6.5W per square, which can reduce energy consumption by 30% compared to conventional electric heaters.

The product structure of ceramic heater is: the shell is made of stainless steel skin, and the inside is ceramic with a high degree of insulation and fire resistance, with a resistance wire inside. Connected to the power supply, it can be used. The temperature rises 30 seconds fast and can reach 500 degrees; Thermal efficiency of more than 90%, 1.5 times of PTC heater; power can be from 50W-2000W; power supply from 12V-380V arbitrary; shape is not limited by appearance (can be customized).

Ceramic heaters have the advantages of long life, good thermal insulation performance, strong mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and magnetic field resistance. Ceramic heaters are generally cheaper than cast aluminum, have good insulation effects, and are not afraid of leakage.

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Post time: Jan-04-2023