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Research & Application Status Of Organic Synthetic Fiber Concrete

2.1Polypropylene fiber concrete
From the research situation in recent years, it can be seen that polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete is the most widely studied fiber reinforced concrete material. Research at home and abroad focuses on the physical and mechanical properties of fiber concrete, involving compressive resistance, bending resistance, toughness, impermeability, thermal stability, shrinkage and construction performance. Studies have shown that compared with the benchmark concrete, with the increase of fiber volume ratio (0%~15%), the compressive strength of fiber concrete changes very little, the flexural strength increases by 12%~26%, and the toughness also increases. Sun Jiaying studied the flexural strength, brittleness and impact resistance of high-performance concrete with different amounts of polypropylene fiber. Dai Jianguo and Huang Chengkui studied the test results of construction performance, compressive and bending resistance, toughness, impermeability, heat aging stability and shrinkage of mesh polypropylene fiber concrete.

In terms of the application of polypropylene fiber, Zhu Jiang analyzed the waterproof mechanism of polypropylene fiber concrete, and introduced the construction of adding polypropylene fiber to the basement floor of Guangzhou New China Building and Guangzhou South Industrial Building. Gu Zhangzhao, Ni Mengxiang and others pointed out that nylon and polypropylene fiber concrete have good crack resistance, which can improve the function and durability of concrete, and have been successfully promoted and applied in Shanghai 80,000 stadium stands, subway projects and Oriental Pearl TV Tower and other projects.

In recent years, in the United States, Britain, Japan and Western Europe, the application scale of fiber concrete has gradually expanded, and polypropylene fiber concrete was first used in military engineering in the United States in the late 80s of the 20th century, and then quickly developed into civilian engineering. From the recent situation of foreign research, the research on polypropylene fiber concrete has been extended to a certain extent on the basis of basic performance research. Sydney Furlan Jr. et al. conducted shear tests on fourteen beams, pointing out that shear strength, stiffness (especially after the first cracking period) and toughness were improved compared with plain concrete beams, and also studied the effect of stirrups on fiber concrete beams. G.D. Manolis et al. tested the impact resistance and self-vibration period of a series of polypropylene fiber concrete slabs with different fiber content and different supporting conditions, and found that the impact resistance of the concrete slab by the introduction of fibers gradually increased with the increase of fiber content, but basically had no effect on the self-vibration period.

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Post time: Nov-15-2022