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Basic Knowledge About Concrete Fiber

After more than a century of research and practice, concrete technology has made rapid progress, and concrete materials have become the largest and most widely used engineering materials in engineering construction today. Over the years, in the development of concrete technology, the compounding of material structure has been considered as one of the important development directions, such as adding sand, stones, and admixtures, etc.; adding fibers to concrete is a recent trend. A rapidly developing material composite technology.

The combination of fiber and concrete substrate improves the inherent weakness of concrete and has various effects on concrete performance. The improvement of crack resistance and durability of fiber reinforced concrete is of great significance to the construction of high-quality, beautiful and durable projects.

Concrete fiber, also known as polypropylene fiber, is a high-performance fiber specially used for concrete/mortar. It can effectively control the micro-cracks caused by factors such as plastic shrinkage, dry shrinkage, and temperature changes of concrete/mortar, and prevent and inhibit the occurrence of primary cracks in concrete. Formation and development, greatly improve the anti-cracking, anti-seepage and anti-abrasion properties of concrete/mortar, increase the toughness of concrete, and thus improve the service life of concrete.

During the hardening process of cement concrete, the hydrates of cement and water react, causing the volume of the concrete to shrink, and in the later stage, due to the evaporation of free water in the concrete, it will cause dry shrinkage. These shrinkage stresses exceed the tensile strength of the cement matrix and will produce cracks inside the concrete. After adding fibers to concrete, the fibers can be easily and quickly dispersed in the concrete to form a chaotic support system, which disperses the directional stress of the concrete, prevents the occurrence and development of primary cracks in the concrete, and eliminates or reduces the number and size of primary micro-cracks. It greatly improves the anti-cracking and anti-seepage ability of concrete, improves the toughness of concrete, and prolongs the service life of concrete. In addition, because the fiber itself has a certain strength, the fiber is evenly dispersed in the concrete and forms an anchoring effect, which can absorb a certain amount of damage energy in an instant.

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Post time: Sep-02-2022