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What are the advantages of PET straps? (I)

As a green and environmentally friendly strapping and packaging belt, PET strap band packing belt has great advantages compared with PP packing belt and iron sheet packing belt, which can be distinguished from the following five aspects.
First, environmental protection and recycling.
PET strap, PP strap, and iron-sheet straps are all recyclable packing and strapping materials. PET and PP type are plastic and will not rust. While iron packing belt is easy to rust after being placed for a long time or exposed to moisture, which directly pollutes the packaged goods.
Second, the production materials.
There are many names for the pet straps, include plastic-steel packing belts, PET packing belts, cable belts, and PET plastic belts, PET strap band, etc. The more professional name is PET plastic-steel strap packing belts. It is a new type of strap with high strength and high tensile force, which is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle flakes or pellets as the main raw material and is processed by stretching and rolling. PET strap not only has the same strength and tensile force as the steel belt, but also has the extensibility and shrinkage performance of plastic products, so as to ensure that the goods will not get loose due to the broken of strap under the impact of external force.

Third, packaging efficiency.
The breaking tensile force of the PET strap is much higher than that of the PP strap, and it is close to the pulling force of the iron packing belt. In the case of the same specifications, the same length, and packing the same goods, the weight of pet strap is only 1/6 of that of the steel belt. According to the market price of both type, using the pet plastic-steel packing belt instead of the steel belt for packing can save at least 50% of the packaging cost.


Post time: Jul-11-2022